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Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a structured, safe and wholesome learning experience, educate students on how to give compassionate and thorough care and be a resource for those seeking to achieve their highest potential. Together we and our patients can live our most excellent lives.


Academy Director

Teberah Alexander graduated from Michigan State University in 2003 receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing in 2003. Teberah spent the early part of her career serving patients in labor and delivery, Cardiac Step Down, the ICU and Long Term Care Unit. Shortly there-after, Teberah constructed Compassionate Home Care Services; a company dedicated to serving a population of elderly individuals, whose health needs were otherwise ignored.

It was at that moment that Teberah discovered her niche in improving the quality of life for those suffering from Dementia. She became a Certified Dementia Practitioner, thus enabling her to satisfy her desire to educate & support patients & caregivers through the most challenging part of their lives. Her benevolent spirit was also displayed in her establishing Kathelene’s Adult Day Care in loving memory of her grandmother, Kathelene.

In her short 14 year career, Teberah has worked in a multitude of leadership roles including being the president and CEO of Kathelene’s Adult Day Care and Compassionate Home Care Services as well as leading her hospital team as a Charge Nurse and Assistant Manager. As demonstrated by her compassionate attitude, Teberah is dedicated to empowering superior patient care and services throughout her own community and beyond. Teberah is highly regarded by many as a dependable leader whose efficiency and diligence has led to building successful team morale.

Teberah continues to give back to her community by being a member of the Michigan State University Black Alumni Association, Michigan State University Alumni Association, Michigan Nurses Association, former board member of the Michigan State University College of Nursing Alumni Association. Teberah is also a proud member of Chi Eta Phi Sorority Inc., a professional minority nursing sorority. Teberah was a LEAP mentor for Michigan State University College of Nursing and for Fellowship Chapel’s, Intonjane rites of passage program.

Teberah is the loving mother of Amiya Alexander, a MLK Jr. Scholar majoring in Pre-Med, Dance and Spanish at New York University. Teberah spends her leisure time traveling, mentoring, educating and changing the lives of everyone whom she meets.


Elmira Nixon - Academy InstructorAcademy Instructor

Elmira Nixon, MSN,MBA/HCM,BSN,RN graduated from MSU with her Bachelor’s degree in Nursing in 1993. Elmira also obtained her Master’s in Nursing Administration in 1999 and a Master’s in Business Administration in 2002 from the University of Phoenix. 

As an accomplished dedicated healthcare professional with 21 years of successful experience, Elmira has dedicated her career in leading health care professionals to achieve organizational goals and objectives. Elmira has been recognized as a focused, dependable leader with timely completion of work and proven abilities to build team morale. As a personable team player committed to ensuring superior patient care and service in the community, Elmira has worked in various leadership roles throughout her career to include:

Chief Nursing Officer, Administrative Director of Medical Surgical Nursing, Administrative Director of Critical Care Nursing and is currently working as House Manager at Providence Park Hospital in Novi, Michigan.



"I would greatly like to give a special thanks to Nurse T. & Bobbi for showing me new life, responsibility and true meaning of care and how to be the professional in the Nursing field. I can't really put in words how grateful I am but I show by Excelling at Everything I do. Thanks for my forever lesson and also life lesson."
~ Amontee W.

"Excelling Nursing Academy has taught me the true meaning of giving a resident personal care. Ms. T. is a wonderful instructor. Very passionate about her profession. I appreciate her willingness to help and understand. Ms. Bobbi has been extremely helpful in helping me get in the program. Ms. Bobbi continues to answer my calls and help me when I need information."
~ Veronica

"Me and Nurse T. met at Caribbean Kitchen. The Jamacian restaurant and it was a wonderful day. This has been a good for me. I didn't know my heart could be so big until Nurse T. led me in the right direction. She has been a blessing to me and my family. I didn't know I had it in me to help people the way she helps people. Ms. Hill is also very encouraging. I thank these two ladies for everything they have done and are doing."
~ Anoymous

"Nurse T. and Mrs. Hill have taught me so much during these classes. I love that Nurse T. understood us because she used to be one of us. So she knows exactly how to teach us. Nurse T. not only teaches us how to be a CNA but she also shows us how to be a good person and do what we do from the heart. Mrs. Hill has been there for us also. She makes sure we are all prepared for everything and she stays busy to make sure we are ready for class and clinics. During clinics today, I learned a lot. Hands on training really opened my eyes. My resident kept telling me, "Thank you" and "I love you" and that really touched my heart and made me feel appreciated. During classes I thought that Nurse T. was teaching too much but in clinics it all actually came to me. So I just want to thank both Nurse T. and Mrs. Hill for helping me, motivating me and opening my eyes."
~ Aujanae W.

"Nurse T. taught me to never give up. Keep pushing. When I was getting ready to do clinicals, I was scared and discouraged. But when I teamed up with my classmates and did the hands on training, I didn't feel nervous anymore and I enjoyed taking care of the patient. Being in the class taught me things that I thought I knew how to do right, but I didn't. The class is very helpful because it teaches you how to be more compassionate and helpful. And it also teaches you how to doings that you may have to help someone else with or teach to them."
~ Sherri N.

"Of course we learned bookwork at Excelling but not only were we taught protocol and techniques, we developed a support system. Nurse Teberah and Mrs. Bobbi went above and beyond for us academically, physically and emotionally. I love how humble they are! When I initially started class and clinicals, I wanted to drop out, fearing I wouldn't do well but Nurse T. and Bobbi were there every step of the way. I'm glad they encouraged me to stay. They worked beside us and with us to make sure we excelled! I love them, as well as the profession!"
~ Anonymous

"My experience with Excelling Nursing Academy. As far as school, sometimes I felt like giving up due to me going to work and then school and having no time with my family. But getting to know Nurse T's story and how hard she pushed herself to get up extra early, get her daughter ready for school and how she didn't give up and showed me with hard work and dedication (and God!) anything is possible. Also I appreciate Bobbi and the drivers and the Nurse for going out of their way for all of us. Staying late, motivating everyone and reassuring us that everybody can do it and don't stop at being a CNA. And Mrs. Porche was awesome! Far as the clinical, it sure showed me that some nurses and CNA's feel that it's just a job and nothing else (very sad). But I enjoyed all the residents and Nurse Erica was very educational and I appreciate her letting us shadow her. At the end of our course, we will be Excelling Students. Go Purple!!"
~ Ida K.


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Basic Life Support Classes

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