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Tuition $1500

What’s Included:

  • In Person Class Modules
  • Clinical Rotation 
  • Lab Supplies
  • Job Placement 

Classes and Clinical are In Person (No COVID Rooms)

Deposit $600 Nonrefundable (unless we cancel our classes). You can transfer to another class date. 

Payment Plans Available

Full Balance is due by the 1st Day of Class Before Attending Clinical

You MUST submit 2 recent negative COVID tests within 72 hours and 24 hours of your class start date. Email it to info@excellingnursingacademy.com

CNA Class Schedule 

  • Monday-Thursday: 4:00pm- 10:30pm
  • Fridays: 10am-4pm Clinical (Nursing Home)
  • Saturdays: 10am-4pm Clinical (Nursing Home)
  • Be sure you have all babysitters, family obligations, and transporatation arranged prior to class

This schedule is subject to change due to the pandemic and unforeseen circumstances.








Courses for those who have a duty to respond to a first aid or cardiac emergency

Basic Life Support Classes

Our AHA BLS Provider Course and AHA HeartCode BLS Course are perfect for healthcare providers, students, and students that need to renew their certification. The courses provide an excellent general grounding in BLS and will enable you to perform appropriate first aid procedures and basic life support skills. This unit satisfies training requirements across a range of community and workplace settings.

Heartsaver Classes

Our Heartsaver CPR-AED Course and Heartsaver Pediatric & Infant CPR Course teach how to to recognize cardiac arrest and respond to and manage an emergency until EMS arrives. Skills learned include the basics of First-Aid, CPR, AED, and relief of choking in children and infants. If it is your duty to respond to a cardiac emergency because of job responsibilities or regulatory requirements, these classes are for you.

First Aid & Safety Classes

Our First Aid Training Course and Pediatric First Aid Course cover first aid basics for the most common first aid emergencies, including how to recognize them, how to call for help, and how to manage illness and injuries in the first few minutes until professional help arrives. The courses are recommended for those who have a duty to respond to a first aid or cardiac emergency because of job responsibilities or regulatory requirements, as well as for parents and guardians, teachers, coaches, and troop leaders.


Please use the PayPal button below to pay your deposit.
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Enter students full name:
Pay $575 deposit to Excelling Nursing Academy
NO Refunds/Exchanges unless we cancel our class. You may reschedule your class.

If you live in Detroit, you might qualify to come
to Excelling Nursing Academy.

Do you qualify?

  • Displaced Homemaker
  • Single Parent
  • Unemployed
  • Youth (18-23) & Unemployed
  • Have Medicaid
  • Have Bridge Card
  • Low Income (Under $12,000)
  • Receiving Unemployment Payments

If any of these describe you, you probably already qualify. Call 248-313-2275, and we can assist.

At Excelling Nursing Academy we are protecting your health & safety is our number 1 priority!  You can rest assured in knowing that we take the necessary precautionary measures to reduce the possibility of transmitting or spreading any communicable diseases at our facility.  Some of our students may have compromised immune systems, so we will not take any short-cuts when it comes to keeping our facility sanitized.  

We use EPA approved cleaning agents & disinfectants recommended by the CDC to clean & disinfect our center, equipment, and surfaces
All students  MUST be COVID prior to the first day of class and the second week of class
Staff are COVID Tested.
We follow the recommended social distancing guidelines (as appropriate)
We recommend everyone to wear masks while in our school  (as appropriate)

Safety & Infection Control is Our Priority!

Basic Life Support Classes

Basic Life Support Classes

Heart Saver Classes

Heartsaver® Classes

First Aid and CPR Classes

First Aid/CPR Classes

Excelling Nursing Academy, Inc. in Farmington Hills, MI - Where All of our Students EXCEL

We provide quality AHA training at an affordable price, including Heartsaver® First Aid CPR AED and Pediatric/Infant CPR courses. We train health care professionals, corporate and industrial employees, day care workers, teachers, lifeguards, students, and parents.

Certified Nursing Assistants are essential in the overall operations of any health care facility or home health care agency. Our Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Course is designed to present the knowledge, terminology, and basic nursing skills necessary to become a certified nursing assistant, especially in reference to long-term care facilities.

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