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Have you graduated from High School? Yes   No

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Are you at least 16 years old? Yes   No 

Are you currently a:   Sophomore  Junior  Senior in High School  N/A

High School student must secure permission through their school principal (see form below)

Have you ever been convicted of a felony? Yes   No

If yes, please list:

Can you commit to 14 days of class? Yes   No
Attendance in mandatory!!

If the session is full, do you want to be put on a waiting list? Yes   No

Emergency Contact Information
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CNA supports students with disabilities.
Are you an applicant with a documented disability? Yes   No

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Is English your first language? Yes   No
If not, what is your first language? 

Why do you want to attend the CNA course?

What personal qualities do you think a successful CNA should have?

Are you thinking of making healthcare a career? Yes   No
If yes, what area of healthcare are you considering?

TB skin tests will be administered on the 5th class. Positive tests require chest x-rays.
Students that have had a TB/PPD test within the last 12 months, may bring the results into the school.


I certify that all the answers given in this application are accurate to the best of my knowledge.
I understand that failure to disclose or falsifying information could result in my dismissal from the CNA course.

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Parent signature if under 18 years of age:     Date:   

Print these forms and submit them to the Academy at the address below:
High School Permission form (if applicable)
Disclosure and Authorization form (required)


Basic Life Support Classes

Basic Life Support Classes

Heart Saver Classes

Heartsaver® Classes

First Aid and CPR Classes

First Aid/CPR Classes

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